Patient Testimonials

"I started chiropractic care because of daily lower spine discomfort, leg cramps and numbness going into my legs. At times I felt I was going to fall and couldn't walk for a few moments. I have seen several doctors with all tests leading to the recommendation of medications and surgery. Since starting care at Mathes Family Chiropractic I have had great results! I have had only one time of discomfort since I started care. I give thanks to Dr. Mike and his staff and also to my daughter-in-law for telling me Dr. Mike can help."  -E. K.

"I feel so much better and wish I would have done this years ago! Prior to chiropractic care I was experiencing neck stiffness, gait problems and pain in my right leg and buttocks. These symptoms caused me to be irritable and my job as a nurse was exhausting. I had tried medications and stretching which didn't help. Within one visit my neck feels 100% better and my gait has improved by 50%! -M.C.

"I couldn't turn my head! I started coming to Mathes Family Chiropractic because of severe pain in my shoulders and neck - I couldn't turn my head to the right or left. I had limited mobility and physical activity and had to solicit help with routine tasks. I tried muscle relaxers, heat, rest and avoided physical activity. Since starting corrective care, my neck pain has been eliminated, my posture has improved, and I now have a much greater range of motion than what I have had in the last several years. I have always had poor posture and often find myself slumping in a chair or on other funiture. Until I started chiropractic care that posture seemed normal to me. Now, after about 9 months of chiropractic, slouching feels uncomfortable and good posture seems normal."  -B. Carmen Age 48